Admin Team

The service is run by a small team of volunteers. You can find us in the chatroom (web access here). Here are the key folks:

Peter Saint-Andre ("stpeter" or "psa") is the person ultimately responsible for the service. Contact Peter via email or IM at

Matthew Wild ("MattJ") is the helpful guy you see in the support chatroom at all hours. We appreciate all his hard work on as well as the Prosody project.

Jerry Pasker is the top technical guru at US Secure Hosting Center, where has been hosted since the beginning of time. We love Jerry.

Jonathan Siegle is our go-to guy for software upgrades, data backups, and other plumbing issues. It's not glamorous work, but it's important.

Edwin Mons ("intosi") helps with DNS and general systems infrastucture.

Kevin Smith ("Kev") helps with general systems maintenance, software installs, chatroom monitoring, and many other tasks.

Jeremie Miller ("jer") invented Jabber in 1998 and still helps out around here, especially with physical hardware at the bunker.